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Café Françoise by sharkshock

Café Françoise

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Bonjour font fans. Bienvenue au Café Françoise! (pronounced frahn-SWOSS). This simple, yet charming, display font was inspired by outdoor chalk board signage showcasing café’s specials of the day. These are common on the streets of places like London, Paris, Montreal, and Belgium. The letters are casual by design with an aroma as pleasant as a freshly prepared espresso.

This family was updated to now include both a regular and distressed version. The latter more closely resembles a handwritten look with high detail. Basic Latin, extended Latin, diacritics, punctuation, kerning, and graphics are included. Please check the glyph map for all supported characters and images. Use Café Françoise for a bakery logo, cafe menu, or poster.

Fonts Sans-Serif
logo cafe restaurant menu italian display stylish wine distressed eroded chalk bakery handwriting french europe
  • Classification: Sans-Serif
  • Spacing: Normal
  • Optimum size: Any Size

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