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Crystal Mosaic Backgrounds by themefire

Crystal Mosaic Backgrounds

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Glitter Paving Stones Wallpaper Concept Overview

It's gonna be an incredible design journey with these catching geometric background set that is executed in technology manner and marked by features of visual art that is the core element of modern decor nowadays. Geometrical ornament of chaotic polygonal shapes and shiny textures create the amazing reflection of tile and is complemented by calm and pleasant blur effect over here.

Classy composition of puzzles with the partition of distinctive bricks in science theme and futuristic style of particular polygons backdrop concept is a great example of minimalist and abstract designing and will serve as the reliable template for realization your constructive vision. Working with design assets like these ones will help you be centered on something extraordinary and open new facet of your creativity.

You are warmly invited to evaluate the inner and external benefits of suggested crystal mosaic wallpaper concept using it in your different design projects. Its surface of crystal cells and Voronoi diagram with the complex decomposition of hexagon images and squares with tessellation looks like glowing refraction of light from precious stones such as diamond or from the glass.

Trendy cover of the low poly grid of triangular tracery makes these backgrounds seems not only to tiles but also to special and authentic asset handy for performing of various artworks, prints, and other web design elements that we are going to describe accurately below on the text. Let this beauty flow into your new idea as fluently as the present gradient on this triangle background set.

What will you receive?

You’ll get the archive that consists of 10 different terrazzo frame card wallpapers. They are of high quality and print-ready materials executed in simple but intelligent mathematics style. Also, they have a high resolution. Read further to gain more about their modification and applying.

Can I Customize this Abstract Mosaic Wallpaper Set?

Particular materials is a bitmap graphic in jpg format. There is a great possibility of necessary color correction, adding contrast and brightness. We highly recommend Photoshop as the most convenient way in a certain case.

Where can you use this Glitter Paving Stones Non-seamless Pattern Set?

The concept is perfect for many design needs and purposes.

  1. Bright and stylish offered textures will serve as decorative elements for your creative works or presentations of servings, events or products;
  2. Use them in web design, printed materials, advertising filling and more;
  3. The presented textures will be good for interior decoration giving them warmth and beauty.

Hope you will enjoy your fruitful workflow.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: JPG Image
  • Pixel Dimensions: 3000x2000
  • Resolution: 72dpi
Graphics Backgrounds Textures
blur blurred crystal mosaic crystals wallpaper glass mirror abstract textures backgrounds voronoi puzzle geometric polygonal
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
  • File types: JPG
  • Dimensions: 3000(w) × 2000(h) px

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