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Essenziale - Font Family by UnioCS

Essenziale - Font Family

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Unio presents “Essenziale - Font Family”.

“Essenziale” it's our vision of the contemporary cleanliness and essentiality while encompassing the sinuosity of geometry.

This minimalist ultra condensed type-family is composed by a set of 8 fonts including: Regular, Bold, Slab, Slab Bold weights with corresponding true italics.

Each font style features an extended characters set for a grand total of 412 glyphs with full multi-language support, open type functions and a group of 30 ligatures as well.


  • Files included: Essenziale Regular, Essenziale Regular Italic, Essenziale Bold, Essenziale Bold Italic, Essenziale Slab, Essenziale Slab Italic, Essenziale Slab Bold, Essenziale Slab Bold Italic

  • Formats: .otf , .ttf

Thanks for viewing/downloading, Unio.

Help file included. Backgrounds NOT included.

Fonts Serif Sans-Serif
modern thin narrow contemporary design minimalist geometric lettering typography geometry ligatures
  • Classification: N/A
  • Spacing: Condensed
  • Optimum size: Condensed

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