Item: Medical Care Icons

Medical Care Icons

105 Beautiful Icons for Medical & Healthcare -related Design Projects

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**105 Medical Icons**

These **105 Medical Icons** are useful for medical & healthcare projects for clients in the medical industry (hospitals, pharmacy, medical institute, insurance...). You could use these beautiful icons:
- to highlight medical & healthcare services and offerings on websites
- as supporting graphics on social media such as Facebook Page, Instagram Story Cover, Pinterest Graphics and more
- to beautify company presentation slide deck
- to design eye-catching infographics for blog
- as decorating element in print based materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and more... **the possibilities are endless!**

**This Medical Icon Set Includes:**

hospital, waiting period, direct admission, diagnostics, ask a doctor, microscope, ECG monitor, hospital bed, IV, stretcher, doctor, nurse, shift rotation, ambulance, emergency chopper, price tag, savings, health insurance, online claim, online pharmacy, painful region, search for symptoms, symptom list, type of pain, injury, injection, stethoscope, thermometer, first aid kit, supplies cart, heart rate, balanced diet, weight management, ayurvedic, pill bottle, sleep disorder, depression, broken arm, bone fracture, podiatry, optometry, dental, orthopedic, endocrinology, urology, baby, art therapy, medical book, medical folder, frequency, crutches, disabled, blood drop, blood donation, plaster, test tube, round bottom flask, poop sample, urine sample, microscope slide, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, ear, stomach, head, ribs, spine, brain, thyroid, lymph nodes, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, intestines, hair, male reproductive, female reproductive, bladder, mouth, DNA, blood cells, pacemaker, surgery, forceps, scalpel, radioactive, chemicals, strait jacket, ID card, sphygmomanometer, defibrillator, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, addiction, derma roller, health sign, hospital sign, healthcare sign, on call.


- 2 .AI
- 105 .EPS
- 105 .PSD
- 105 .SVG
- 105 .PNG sized 256x256
- 105 .PNG sized 512x512

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*“The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers”* - sebastianobellinzis

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All our icons are 100% vector, so you could freely customize and scale the icons. Check out more of our work below.