Item: Multi-colored Striped Waves Backgrounds

Multi-colored Striped Waves Backgrounds by themefire

Multi-colored Striped Waves Backgrounds

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Abstract Colorful Waves Backgrounds

3D render abstraction is the latest trend in design and architecture. This collection of colorful backgrounds is all about sensations, emotions, and feelings.

The concept contains 10 different high-resolution files of abstract multi-colored striped waves. The background is 5000x3333 pixels. All files are provided in PNG format. Catchy generative graphics create a certain mood thanks to various color combinations.

Through The Universe: 3D Striped Waves

Smooth striped realistic waves are presented in different colors which affect you emotionally and energetically. There are no real objects on the images, but the color composition and textures carry their own energy. Unlike ordinary illustrations, 3D backgrounds create an optical illusion and a sense of dynamic turbulence.

Blue billowy curve lines look like a real deep sea, and red striped waves resemble moving mountains on an unknown planet. You can look at these waving ribbons and watch them moving smoothly.

Where Can You Use 3D Striped Waves Backgrounds

Bright attractive colorful backgrounds can be used for many purposes:

  1. Motion design is a great idea for contemporary hotels, schools, kindergartens, theatres, fashion shows, art exhibitions, etc. Flowing surfaces will catch your audience’s attention.
  2. Download this multicolored collection to make your accounts in social networks like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook more bright, stylish and eye-catching.
  3. High-resolution images are suitable for advertisements in Google Adwords Banner, Facebook, or Instagram.
  4. Wallpapers can be used for presentations, showcases, demos or various events.
  5. The collection may be a basic template for graphic design, exhibition stands, layouts, backdrops, illustrations, and numerous art concepts.
  6. Print ready funny patterns can be used for souvenir products, stationery, postcards, clothes, rugs, towels, and even furniture.
  7. Stylish dynamic design for protective covers.
  8. Rainbow colorful graphics printed on your business cards or advertising materials will show that you are an easy-going energetic person who is pleasant to deal with.
  9. Download images and set them as your desktop wallpaper or app background.

Trendy linear wallpapers will be a suitable decorative element for any project and help you to stand out from the boring crowd.

Additional information:

  • Graphics Files Included: PNG Images
  • Pixel Dimensions: 5000x3333
  • Print Dimensions: 16.667x11.11
  • Resolution: 300
Graphics Backgrounds Textures
stripe striped stripes generative rainbow wave waves wavy colored multicolored color wallpaper background texture 3d
  • Applications supported: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer
  • File types: PNG
  • Dimensions: 5000(w) × 3333(h) px

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